Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Here we are at another What I Ate Wednesday! I can't believe how insane everything has been. School has overloaded me with work before break. I'll keep this post short because I'm going to the King of Prussia Mall this weekend and am going to have a whole "what I ate while shopping" full of some yummy treats!

Breakfast was a protein poptart, which is what I usually make in the mornings. They're simple, are tons of flavor possibilities, and just plain delicious!

Can't forget to have my quest bar!

My dinner was the real highlight of the day. I was clearly in the Thanksgiving spirit already! A turkey melt on a Thomas cranberry english muffin with pineapple cottage cheese and homemade cranberry sauce and a side of maple syrup whipped sweet potatoes with almond butter drizzle. was as good as it sounds.

Look at that close up!

My snack was simple because I was packing, pretty full from that delicious dinner, and just didn't have much time!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. Don't forget....

I'll be back soon with lots of food!

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