Saturday, November 9, 2013

Finally Entering the Blog World

Well this is officially my first blog post ever!! After admiring STUFT Mama, Healthy Diva Life, The Coconut Diaries, Spoonful of Fit, and so many more....I FINALLY did it! I just began today so bear with me as I get this thing going...

This week has been a crazy one! I decided to make the huge decision to change my college major from musical theatre to nutrition and dietetics. Since the beginning of 2013, I changed to a healthy lifestyle in hopes of losing a few pounds. Months later, I've lost over 40 pounds and am an exercise and health nut! I love making new healthy recipes and am constantly on Instagram with my food.

Today began with quite possibly the BEST breakfast I could have ever imagined….S’mores Cake in a Squash. Yeah, that’s right. It was my entry for #SquashathonSaturdays on Instagram. Let’s just say I’ll be having it again and again and maybe again.

 Just look at that yummy goodness............

Dinner was some veggies, brown rice, and chicken cooked in Bragg's liquid aminos and topped with cheese. I kept it simple after such a treat in the morning. 

I’ll keep this post short since it’s my first one – but look for more during the week! I’ll be adding recipes and such when I have some time. 

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