Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"What I Ate Wednesday" ~ Round 1

So I thought I'd do"what I ate Wednesday" since it's the first week of my blog. Here ya go, my day in food!

Breakfast tasted much better than it looked haha. I was running late so I quickly mixed egg whites with about time pumpkin spice protein, topped it with walden farms syrup, pumpkin spice peanut butter, and ate it with some pineapple cottage cheese. (My new addiction)

Lunch was a Mexican inspired salad and an apple.

I have a quest bar EVERY SINGLE DAY, so today was no different. An apple pie questie for my afternoon snack :)

Dinner was another salad with chicken, but for the dressing I mixed cottage cheese with maple pumpkin butter and bbq sauce. Yum! I also added a couple pumpkin spice almonds.

My last meal on this Wednesday was another wonderful cake in a squash. This one was red velvet and it was the best part of my entire lie.

Now my belly is happy and I'm off to bed!

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