Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday 12/18 With Plenty of Pop Tarts

It's Wednesday everyone! Christmas is just a week away, and I have to say I'm way more excited than I should be. haha ;p What can I say, I LOVE the holidays! I was in a good mood today due to the fact that the week is halfway over and Christmas is a day closer!

Here's my eats from today:

Breakfast was a chocolate coffee protein pop tart with hazlenut butter on top & of course, sprinkles!

Simple lunches are never exciting. I like to save the good stuff for when I'm at home ;)

I had my daily questie in the car on the way to Target after school to pick up ingredients for a recipe I'm making for my Spanish class. They're dulce de leche marshmallow fluff brownies. :O Yeah, you read that right...It's totally not clean, but hey, the other people will like it, right?

Dinner was a cheddar & chicken melt on a cranberry English muffin (so good!) & a ton of veggies.

After dinner I just couldn't resist trying the red velvet pop tarts that I fell victim to at Target. That place gets me every time, I swear. I had the self control to only eat one but OH...MY...GOSH! If you haven't tried these you're seriously missing out. They are to die for!

My second dessert was my usual cheesecake proyo but with coco bananas Pb Crave instead of razzle dazzle.

That's all for today! Hope everyone's week continues to go well, as the holidays get closer!

Fitpbqueen Asks...

-Have any of you tried the red velvet pop tarts?
-Anyone else give in to all the amazing temptations at Target?

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