Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday 12/11

Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday! Today in PA it was FREEZING! I'm cold all the time and considering it was 20 at the warmest....yeah. All the cold and snow this week really made it feel like December. I can't believe that Christmas is just 2 weeks away! :O I'm way too excited this year. I think I'm anticipating it more than I did when "Santa" came to my house. Haha. Anyway, to my food. Since it's Wednesday, here's what I ate today!

Breakfast was a mini red velvet coconut protein cake topped with hazelnut butter, cookie nookie pb, & cookie butter. I didn't feel like making anything this morning so this was an awesome treat that I already had made

My usual boring lunch of a salad with tuna. I also had some more of my cake from breakfast because I didn't have enough time to finish it in the morning. Lol

After school snack was a s'mores protein bar heated up in the microwave. Didn't have my beloved quest bar because I only have a couple left & they have to last me until Christmas!

Warm and gooey....

Dinner was a wrap with my cranberry turkey meatballs I made yesterday, mozzarella cheese, buttercup squash, & homemade cranberry orange sauce. I had some extra squash & meatballs on the side.


So good!

Dessert was a cookies n cream skinny cow with butterscotch cheesecake proyo topped with hazlenut butter & cinnamon crunch cereal.

I'm so full & ready to go to bed! This week & next can't go fast enough. Let's get to the days full of holiday cheer! Friday I'm making a gingerbread house so they'll be a post then.

Fitpbqueen Asks...

-Do you look forward to the holidays or dread them?
-Has this year seemed to just fly by for you?

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